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Me, My Brother and His Boy chapter 5

Posted on 2007.03.22 at 13:55
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Title: Me, My Brother and His Boy
Author: mana0819
Chapter: 5/6
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Angelus/William/Liam
Warnings: m/m/m, twincest, Daddy!kink, master!kink, dom/sub, underage sex, bondage, spanking...
Disclaimer: I don’t owe anything. They belong to god himself... Joss.
Summery: AU. All human. Liam is a FBI agent and his twin brother, Angelus, is the CEO of Wolfram and Hart. Liam’s life changes significantly when he gets a new case and meets his brother’s “boy”.

A/N: This fic is dedicated to my wonderful friend spikepuppet69since I first got the idea when I read one of her fic. She’s been helping me a lot with writing this story and giving me some fantastic ideas. Thanks so much and love you!
Another dedication is to my also great friend, jess_lair. She’s also given me brilliant ideas for the fic and I really think I could not write this without her help. Thank you and love you, Jess!

Previous chapters are here

Me, My Brother and His Boy chapter 5

“I have a deal to propose you.” Angelus says.

Liam and Angelus are in the CEO’s office. There is a long moment of silence between them. Liam is trying his best to ignore the other man’s presence. He sets his eyes on the desk in front of him. He finally opens his mouth when he is too uncomfortable to take the silence any longer, and he says, “What do you mean? A deal?”

Angelus steps closer to Liam and says, “Yes, a deal which doesn’t do any bad to you.”
Liam frees his wrist from the other man’s hold and nervously runs the tips of his fingers along his jaw line. “What is it about?” Liam questions. What else can he do other than to ask more about the deal? Knowing his brother, Liam can guess that the deal is quite reasonable on both sides.

“See. I know you’ve been doing some shit behind my back on your job,” Angelus says in a cold voice, giving a shiver down Liam’s body. “Forget about that, brother. I’m not mad at that. It’s your job after all. But I won’t be thrilled if you try to do something that puts me in difficult position. You understand that, don’t you?”

Liam gasps when he hears the threatening tone in Angelus’ voice. He knows that his brother is capable of destroying his life if he tried. He remembers that Angelus has always been the leader of the school. Angelus never takes easy on those who raise their voices against them. Angelus is a control freak, who always expects everyone around him to follow his way obediently. It was what everyone wanted anyway. Every girl was happy to follow him anywhere and every guy avoided crossing path with him, ever since Angelus put one older boy who had nerve to fight back against him in hospital, severely beaten up.

Angelus smirks evilly at Liam’s reaction and says, “But I don’t wanna do that to you, Liam. You’re my twin brother. I want you to be happy. So I’m offering this deal.”

“On what condition?” Liam asks, suppressing the fear which has emerged within from the other man’s previous dark attitude. He is sure that he will not like the deal. But how Angelus demands is how everything goes around him. That was the way and it always will be. There is nothing that can prevent him.

“The deal is… that I get to do my job here without any FBI interfering or messing around. It annoys me like hell when they send an agent one after another. I know what they’ve been up to. I’m not that stupid.” Angelus says making a grimace on his feature. He is disgusted by the thought of numbers of FBI agents coming to his way to get some information. They are stupid enough to believe that he has not realized it. “You make sure they don’t put their stupid head in my business.”

“That’s not possible!” Liam almost screams. After a moment and a deep breath, he continues, “How am I supposed to keep them away from you? They’re eager to find anything that can prove you guilty in the cases they’re handling.”

Angelus snorts, “Tell them that you can cover the case and you wanna work alone on this case or something. I don’t fuckin’ care as long as they’re off my back.”

Liam hesitates. It will not be easy to convince the chief to leave Angelus alone since the Wolfram and Hart has something to do with pretty much all the cases they are handing. Even if he can, he does not wish to do anything to betray his job. “Angelus, are you telling me to betray my job as an agent? You have any idea what you’re saying?”

“You haven’t heard your deal yet, Liam. Don’t rush. That’s gonna change your idea.” Angelus says confidently with a wicked smile on his face. Oh so beautiful smile that melts everything with eyes into a puddle.

“And that is…?” Liam has to ask from curiosity even though he knows it is a bad idea. His mind tells him to just turn around and walk away from this. But he is already caught in Angelus’ tact. He should have known that there is no possibility of Angelus losing his game. Otherwise, he would never have put himself into the mess.

Angelus says in a dark voice, looking straightly at his brother’s blown eyes, “You get to have William.”

Liam cannot help uttering a small gasp at Angelus’ words. Did he hear him right? A hot sweet image of himself taking the small blonde boy from behind appears in his mind. He has to use all his will-power to shake off the intense image. What does it feel like to be in him? Seeing Angelus’ amused face, he curses under his breath.

Being Glad to see Liam’s obvious uneasiness, Angelus continues, “It’s not a bad offer, is it? You can have him suck you off, fuck his ass or any way you want with him.”

“I do have a wife, you know, a pregnant wife for the matter,” Liam says, trying to be reasonable, even though the offer is so tempting. It is more like convincing himself and his libido rather than telling the other man.

Angelus says amused, raising his voice, “A wife! So what? It’s not like she has to know all the dirty secrets. There are some things better left unsaid.” Purring like a predator cat, he sexily licks the tip of his finger to imply their previous interaction.

It causes Liam to blush lightly and avert his eyes in a shy way. It takes some time for him to build up his strength again to face the other man. Some things are surely better kept in secret. He coughs lightly and asks, “And you don’t care even if I touch him?” In his mind, he knows this is not good at all. He had better tell his brother to forget it. But deep inside, a fire is burning and he is sure that the fire will brow bigger and bigger unless he touches the beautiful boy, who is now probably naked waiting for his master in bed.

Angelus gives a deep sigh and caresses the other man’s jaw line with finger tips. His dark penetrating eyes put Liam in trance. “You know, usually I hate others touching what’s mine. A mere thought of some bastard touching my boy makes me wanna break his neck with bear hands.” Angelus says in a dark stern voice, obviously boiling in anger inside.

Liam gasps in fear. He is certain that he has seen his brother’s eyes flickered gold. However, the fear was not the only thing he got from the other man’s expression. He could feel a certain part of him twitches, which cannot go unnoticed by his brother.

Suddenly, Angelus’ face turns into a beautiful smile in a wicked way. He says, “But you’re my brother. We can share.” In fact, he is actually enjoying this deal with his brother with a thought that he might even get more than he has anticipated from this deal.

Liam spats out harshly, “You’re sick, Angelus.” He is offended by the other man’s comments. In his life time, he believed that he has known Angelus better than anyone. However, this person standing in front of him at this moment is different from the man he knew.

Angelus used to be a bad boy when he was young and often put himself in fights. He was a pure dominator and predator with a sweet mask. Everyone fell to him and would have kissed the earth he walked on even though they knew that he did not give a second thought about them. But right now, Liam does not get surprised even if he finds him to be a psycho. The older man is giving him a shiver down his spine.

Angelus says amusedly, “Aye, brother, aye. Maybe I am, but so are you. You’ve imagined what it’d be like to fuck William, haven’t you? Every waking moment and even in your dreams.” Angelus takes a step forward and cups Liam’s cheek with his hand. He caresses the skin there with his thumb, which earns a little shudder from the other man.

“I…” Liam tries to say something back to his brother, but his mind is no use. He wonders how it is possible for Angelus to read his mind all the time as if it is his own. Being a special agent of FBI, he has done numbers of undercover cases. He is good at manipulating others with lies and acts. But when it comes to his brother, he is nothing more than a mere child. There is no possibility of winning over Angelus in any fields.

Angelus moves closer and their chests are lightly touching each other. He moves his head forward and whispers in a sweet yet dark voice, “I can answer your question, Liam. It’s heaven…pure heaven inside the boy.” After a moment of silence, Angelus continues sexily, “And I’d be happy to find out what it’s like to be inside you.”

Liam is taken aback by Angelus’ last remark. He swallows hard. He wonders. Does his brother really want to fuck him? Liam, knowing the other man since they were still inside the womb, knows that Angelus has no problem stating clearly what he wants and what not. So, he is pretty sure that his brother wants to fuck him. But does he want it? That is the question which has been tormenting him there couple of days, leaving him restless.

Satisfied with the uncertainty crossing on Liam’s face, Angelus places a feather light kiss on his ear. He purrs, “So, think about the all fun we can do. You, me and William.”

Liam is now in the bar and drinking heavily. He does not remember how many drinks he already had tonight. He gave up counting after 6 glasses of his favorite Irish whiskey, which made his mind blur. The bartender told him that he would drink himself to unconsciousness if he didn’t quit. But the thought even sounded nice to his blurred head.

It’s been 10 days since the incident in his brother’s office. He has not slept peacefully for a whole week. Every time he closes his eyes, he sees the blond boy’s azure eyes penetrating him and hears Angelus whispering in a husky sensual voice. That woke him up in the middle of the night in sweat.

It is obvious to anyone around him that something is wrong with him. It worried Buffy. At first, she tried to have her husband tell what was bothering him, but it did not work. Liam just told her that everything was all right in his life. It bothered the pregnant girl greatly and she turned cold day by day. That unnerved him even more.

Earlier tonight, they had a big quarrel. And Buffy even packed her things so that she could go back to her father’s house. Knowing that if that ever happened, Giles would kill him instantly, he apologized wholeheartedly and convinced her to stay home. Buffy, too exhausted from the heated quarrel and her condition, fell fast asleep in their bed.

Liam cannot take being in the cold house any longer and leaves the house. He definitely needs to get drunk. He goes to the downtown and finds a bar which he often goes with his friends from work. He is not the type who runs to alcohol even though when it gets hard and unbearable. He enjoys drinking with his friends but never uses it as a solution to any problems. But right now, he does not care.

At the bar, he orders a couple of glasses of strong Irish whiskey and gulps them down. Some guys he knows from the work enter and stride to the far back corner. They spot him, seriously drunk at the counter. However, Liam seems to be obvious to that.

Among them is Gunn and he is worried to find his best friend in this state. He walks up to the brunette and sets his drink next to the empty glasses.

Liam looks up from his now empty glass in his hand and sees his best friend standing next to him with a big frown on his face. He curses under his breath.

“Yo, Liam, man. What happened? You look like shit,” Gunn says. He has known the other man ever since they started working together. He sometimes saw Liam exhausted and sleepless because of the troublesome cases. But this was far worse than what he has seen before. The Best Agent Liam O’Connor getting his ass drunk is the last thing that he has expected to see.

Liam growls, “Shut up, Gunn. Just fuckin’ leave me alone.” He takes another glass of whiskey, which makes his head little lighter but his emotion even heavier. He wonders why he is doing this. To forget about the offer and the blond boy, that is.

“Wow, what’s the tension? No need to spat at me like that,” Gunn says. After a moment of silence, he says with a childish grin on his face, “It’s about Buffy, isn’t it? You guys had had an argument?”

Giving a dark glare at the other man, Liam mumbles, “Not bad guess.” How much drink he takes, it seems almost impossible for him to erase the image of the boy from his restless mind. Why can’t his life be easier? It used to be quite simple. Him, his wife and their soon-to-be-born child. They were happy together.

With a grin, Gunn says, playfully slapping the brunette’s tense shoulder, “You’re lucky, Liam. Chief isn’t here tonight. You’d have been dead by now, if he were.”

Eyeing at the other man, he utters under his breath, so that Gunn fails to catch the words, “It’s not a bad option. I’d rather be dead than be in this shit.” With that, he rises from the stool and walks to the exit.

Gunn questioningly stares at his best friend’s back as he walks off. He wonders what has gotten into him. Liam drowning himself in alcohol. It does not seem all right at all.

Outside the bar, Liam walks down the street with no clear destination. He just lets his legs to lead him. Alcohol that he has consumed earlier is slowing his ability to think. It is good, he thinks. What he needs now is insensibility and alcohol does a good job in it.

After a 10-minute walking, he finds himself standing in front of the tall building of Wolfram and Hart. He mentally curses himself. His unconscious state has led him to the very place he’d rather not be. Or is it the place he longs to be? He is incapable to determine his feelings anymore. Numbness is good and it is the only relief he has right now.

He has struggled so hard ever since the day when he entered Angelus’ bedroom only to find the most adorable boy there. He has tried to push away the secret desire which stirred in him. A good catholic, Liam knows that this desire condemns him to hell. Closing his eyes, he sees the image of William and Angelus, the two most beautiful creatures in this world. Those two sweaty bodies in heat, tangled between messed sheets. Angelus’ almost black penetrating eyes and William’s clear blue ones watches him and they seem so inviting.

He opens his dark determined eyes and utters, “If I were damned to hell, why not experience heaven in this lifetime?” He has signed his soul away.



(Anonymous) at 2007-03-23 04:18 (UTC) (blessings)
MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! This is a great story!!! I got sucked into it about a year ago and have been anxiously waiting for more! So yay on the update!!! Can't wait for the final chapter!!!
mana0819 at 2007-03-23 14:18 (UTC) (blessings)
thanks for the fb! it's really glad to know some people are still reading my fic. i kno. it was like a year ago when i started writing this fic and i'm so sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. but finally i updated! the next chapter will be the final chapter of the fic and i'm working on it!
gailr2000 at 2007-03-24 18:22 (UTC) (blessings)
Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! I have missed this fic and thought it probably was abandoned, but no! you're back! I'll have to start reading from the beginning again but that's okay 'cause it's one I'll read more than once anyway. Hate to see it end but I guess everything has to end sometime. Thanks for updating!
mana0819 at 2007-03-26 14:43 (UTC) (blessings)
heyyyy! it's so great to hear from you! i'm happy that you left a fb! i'm so sorry for the really long delay but i have every intention to finish this fic. i'm actually at the very end of this fic right now and i just don't know how it should end. i hope i can come up with something good. anyway, it's great to know that you're still reading my fic and reading it again! wow you made my day! i love you and thanks for the fb!
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