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Me, My Brother and His Boy chapter 6 COMPLETE

Posted on 2007.03.28 at 15:42
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Me, My Brother and His Boy chapter 6
Title: Me, My Brother and His Boy
Author: mana0819
Chapter: 6/6 complete!
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Angelus/William/Liam
Warnings: m/m/m, twincest, Daddy!kink, master!kink, dom/sub, underage sex, bondage, spanking...
Disclaimer: I don’t owe anything. They belong to god himself... Joss.
Summery: AU. All human. Liam is a FBI agent and his twin brother, Angelus, is the CEO of Wolfram and Hart. Liam’s life changes significantly when he gets a new case and meets his brother’s “boy”.

A/N: This fic is dedicated to my wonderful friend spikepuppet69 since I first got the idea when I read one of her fic. She’s been helping me a lot with writing this story and giving me some fantastic ideas. Thanks so much and love you!
Another dedication is to my also great friend, jess_lair. She’s also given me brilliant ideas for the fic and I really think I could not write this without her help. Thank you and love you, Jess!

Previous Chapters are HERE

Me, My Brother and His Boy – chapter 6

"You know, I knew you'd come here tonight," Angelus says looking up from the case file he has been reading, as he hears the elevator doors to his penthouse open. As expected, he finds his twin brother standing there, surprised.

Liam is slightly taken aback by the older brother's comment. He asks, "How did you know?"
Placing the folder in the pile on the table in front of them, he shakes his head with a little smirk on his face. He stands up from the leather sofa he has been occupying and says, "I know you, brother. I just know."

Approaching slowly like a hunter, he continues, "I know what you've been thinking and struggling. I know what happened with your precious Buffy."

When he reaches the other man, he raises his hand and caresses the cheek lovingly. "But it doesn’t matter any more, does it? Coz you decided to take the one moment of happiness, with us, tonight."

Liam cannot help a gasp leave his mouth. He wonders why his brother is even aware of the thoughts in his mind, not only actions. All identical brothers share a mind? Probably not, he thinks, because he has no slight idea what goes on in his brother's mind. It must be easier if he could read the other man like Angelus does. Then, he would know what the hell he is throwing himself into with this stupid deal.

"I just need to hear it from you," Angelus says huskily, looking directly at Liam's dark eyes. His other hand travels down the back of the other man's strong torso over a faded soft t-shirt.

Trying to hide the nervousness from the other man, Liam stares back to the other man's penetrating stare and mumbles so quietly that only Angelus can pick up the words, "I'll take the deal."

The older brunette smirks devilishly and captures Liam's lips in a hard kiss. Their tongues meet and taste each other. Angeles’s hand moves even downer and squeezes the butt cheek, pressing his hardness into that of Liam's. Both men utter a groan at the friction.

When their mouths are parted, the kiss leaves Liam breathless. He pants in need of air. He has never experienced an intense kiss like that. His head is swimming as he tries to recover.

Angelus chuckles loudly at the bliss-filled eyes of Liam. He always found Liam beautiful with the same face and feature as his own. But the younger brother has more innocence, which Angelus lost a long time ago. He is captured by the softness of the young brother. Right now, he wants nothing more than to take Liam and feel the tightness around his aching member, but that has to wait for the time being in order to make his plan work out smoothly. He has waited more than a decade; he sure can wait for one more hour. He whispers in a husky voice, "Now, why don't we get to the action?"

"Hell yes," Liam spats out at the other man's comment too eagerly. The kiss has sent all his blood down to the now obvious hardness between his legs. He hisses, "I'm putting my career and everything I've got at stake. This better has to go well."

"This is going to be a lot more than a 'well' and you know it." Angelus says caressing the sweaty hot skin of Liam’s nape. He purrs and says, "Now it's time to join our boy in bed." With that, he walks to the bedroom.

Liam impatiently follows his brother, not saying a word, because he is uncertain what the right thing to say now is. He crosses his arms in front of the chest out of nervousness.

People at his work would laugh at him if he said he was nervous. The best agent Liam O'Connor is nervous and practically corrupted by his twin brother. No one would have imagined this would ever happen in the life time.

Inside the bedroom, there lies the beautiful blonde boy with clear blue eyes on the king-sized bed. His white skin looked even paler shone by the moonlight. The room is dim with the dark wall papers. The bed is covered with dark navy bed sheets. It seems that William is the only thing bright in this room and it makes him even more attractive and charming.

Liam cannot take his eyes off the young boy and studies the beautiful line of his body. The pale skin does not seem to know the word 'sun'. His heart beat quickens and he takes a deep breath to control himself.

William feels a shiver running down his spine from the intense stare. He is a little upset and uneasy to see the stranger entering the bedroom again. It is the first time his master brings someone else to their private bedroom. Also the fact that the man is the same intruder from some weeks ago makes him more uncomfortable. He clutches the sheet around his body closer out of nervousness.

But the said uneasiness quickly disappears as Angelus crawls onto the bed until he covers the small body of William with his larger one.

Angelus growls like a predator and captures the boy's sweet wet lips with his own. He is happy to hear soft moans escape from his mouth and sees the blue eyes darken in passion. After a short moment, he ends the kiss, which is followed by a quiet whimper of protest from
William. He growls low as a warning and flips over to sit down next to the small boy.

Surprised, William also moves into a sitting position. He then remembers the other man standing at the entrance of the room. Now the sheets are pooled around his pelvis, only covering the smallest part of his nakedness. His peeking nipples with a metal ring are obviously noticeable to Liam. The blond boy glances at his master's face questioningly.

Seeing the small blonde's expression, Angelus says, "William, meet my brother."

William gives a short glance at Liam and gives a content soft purr as a hello. He is rewarded with a gentle patting by his master on his head.

Angelus looks at his brother intently and says softly to the blonde boy, "You're to address him as..." after a short pause, he continues, "Daddy. Now try, boy."

One of William's hands moves to his hardened nipple and touches the tip playfully. The other hand travels down his lean pale skin slowly into the mess of dark sheets around his pelvis. His tongue darts out and traces the line of his pink lips. Batting his long eyelashes innocently, he purrs, "Daddy."

The one word has a strong effect on Liam. The temperature around him gets higher in an instant and his pants seem a lot tighter. He can feel his mouth getting dry and finds himself unable to inhale for a second.

With a wry smirk, Angelus covers the boy's body with his larger one from the behind and circles his arms around the small marble torso. One of his hands sneaks down to under the sheets to join William's hand.

A loud sensual moan escapes from the blonde boy's slightly parted lips. His eyes never leave the chocolate orbs of Liam as if he were talking to him silently. He utters in a husky whisper, "Master."

The CEO chuckles and licks the white skin on the boy's neck lovingly, leaving a hot trail. His hand grips William's member and gives a little squeeze, which causes the blonde's body to tense for a moment. Angelus asks, even though he knows what the answer will be, "You like this, boy?"

"Yes, master," William purrs in pleasure. The sensual touch on his member is making his head sway and it is hard for him to compose any correct sentence. Some other part of him is getting to feel neglected and he leans his body back slightly. He moves his hips up and down lightly so that it makes small friction with his master's cloth-clad hardness.

Angelus hisses under his breath at the boy's eagerness and says, "You need something else. Your tight hole needs to be touched, too?"

Nodding his head, he answers a little desperately, "Yes, master. Please. Please touch me there."

Placing his hands on William's shoulders, Angelus turns him to face himself. "Later. Now I'm feeling a bit neglected and I want to see what you can do with your wicked mouth."

Delightedly, William takes the shirt off Angelus and his hands move down to undo his belt. In an instance, Angelus is as naked as the blonde boy in front of him.

The boy sits on his knees and leans in. The scent of manliness hits his nostrils. He takes a hold on the base of the brunette’s aroused member and starts licking the skin, tasting the little pre-cum at the tip.

William engulfs the hardness of his master, at first carefully minding his teeth. But his penetration gets eager. He takes as much of the huge member as possible without gagging himself.

A low groan escapes Angelus’ mouth as he is surrounded by the wet hot mouth. He runs his fingers through the soft blond curls of William. He says in a soft deep voice, “Good boy.”
The older brunette gives a short glance at Liam, who is still standing beside the door with obvious arousal. He notices Liam’s hand stroking his own member over the pants. Their eyes meet for a brief moment but Liam casts his eyes away in embarrassment and takes his hand off from the ache.

Angelus just smirks. He turns his head to the eager blonde again and says, “William, on your knees and hands now.”

William follows the order flawlessly, keeping working hard on pleasuring his master. He can feel his master’s hands move to his body and steadies him by firm grips. He quickly looks up and steals a peek on Angelus’ expression.

“I’ve got you, boy. Now, separate your legs further away and open up. Let your daddy see your tight hole,” is the next command. It echoes in the quiet room, at least to Liam’s ears. There is no sound in the room except the licking and sucking. Liam can hear his own heart beating fast and hyperactively.

The sight in front of Liam’s eyes is what he has dreamed of for the last couple of weeks. William is all on fours, sucking Angelus’ cock in joy and parting his cheeks with his hands, waiting for him. The dream was erotic but the view presented before him is even more arousing. He clenches his fists on his sides.

Angelus grabs one of William’s hands and brings it to his mouth. He licks the boy’s slender fingers wholly and wets them. Then he commands sternly, “Prepare yourself, William.

The blond boy stretches his arm to his bottom again and reaches for his own tightness. The index finger circles around the hole slightly hesitantly but soon the tip disappears into the tight pucker. He relaxes his muscles so that he will not hurt himself. He moans around Angelus’ big cock and pushes the finger in entirely.

Liam sees it and gasps for much needed air.

A firm voice is uttered by Angelus, “Liam, brother, come join us.”

Without saying any words, Liam strides to the bed where the other two are occupying. Each step seems heavy and not as steady as he hopes. It is like he is drawn to the strong voice of his brother and the blonde boy who is now penetrating his own hole. He can see nothing but the entangled bodies of two beautiful men. It is almost impossible for him to avert his eyes from the tiny pucker being stretched by William’s own fingers.

As Liam gets closer, he lifts his t-shirt and discards it off in a swift movement. His hands move to his belt buckle and the jeans soon follow the shirt. The shoes are gone at some point. He reaches to the bed only in a pair of boxers.

The bed gives away a quiet squeak as Liam climbs on top of it. The soft silk sheets under his hands give him a shiver. He nervously casts his eyes at his brother.

Strong intensity in the dark orbs is staring back at him.

Liam now understands that this is a reality. There is no going back to his old life. Moreover, he is willingly giving up what he has worked hard for in order to take what he desires.

Grabbing a lube on the bed table, Liam squeezes the content out on his fingers. He kneels down behind the blond boy and rests his left hand on the flashed cheek. Slowly, he lifts his other hand, the one with lube-coated fingers, closer to the pucker. Unsurely, he pushes one finger in and joins William.

The blonde gives a sensual groan as his tightness is stretched further by the agent’s finger. It is big and thick compared to his own finger and he needs some time to adjust. They together stretch and prepare him.

When the younger brunette’s finger scrubs the small nub inside William, electricity runs through the boy’s body. He repeats the motion again and again until the boy is almost weeping from the tension. It is getting harder to handle the task with his mouth.

Angelus runs his fingers lovingly on the boy’s cheek and wipes the escaped tears away. “Beautiful boy.”

Something snaps in Liam’s mind. His eyes darken to almost pure black.

William finds it empty as Liam’s finger leaves from his body. His finger is also taken out of the hole in the same process. His body trembles in anticipation. He puts his hands on the bed under his body and braces himself for what to come.

Liam slips out of his boxers in a quick moment. His member springs out free and it is painfully hard with a small amount of pre-cum dripping from the tip. He consciously places his hands on the boy’s pale bottom and positions himself. Taking a deep breath, he thrusts in the tightness with a grunt. “Fuck.”

William gives away a small whimper as Liam enters him. Their fingers prepared him nicely but the thickness is incomparable.

Liam is having a hard time, gathering himself up. At the very moment he entered the boy, he could almost come. The sensation is strong enough for him to shoot his seeds inside the boy’s tight channel. “Fuck,” he again curses as his mind is not capable of forming any other words and sentences. Slowly, he starts thrusting in and out of the boy.

William cannot help moans escape from his mouth which is supposed to be working hard on his master’s cock. Surely, he gets a growl of warning from Angelus. With much difficulty because of the hard thrusting from behind, he tries his best to please his master’s familiar member.

The pounding is fast and hard in need. For Liam, it was always about passion not a pure lust. This is different. It’s fucking and not love-making. He needs this. He can feel that something deep inside him is unleashed. He takes the boy’s slim waist in a tight grip and invades the tight channel even deeper and harder, growling low.

A sly smirk appears on Angelus’ feature. He is satisfied with the slight change of his brother’s mood. With movement of his pelvis, he violates the hot, wet mouth.

Their physical intensity continues until they all feel the need to come is so close.

Angelus sees drops of sweat running down along his brother’s strong jaw line. Their eyes meet in pure heat. Liam feels as if he’s drawn to the commanding dark chocolate orbs. Without even realizing himself, the younger brunette leans in. He places his hand on the back of the brother’s head and brings their faces closer. Their lips collide with each other in a passionate kiss.

It is the very moment that William squeezes his bottom with a helpless whimper.

That is enough to send Liam off the edge. He shoots his seeds into the boy, groaning into his brother’s mouth. In the bliss, he catches a brief glee flicker even darkened eyes of Angelus.

Disentangling his mouth from that of Liam’s and taking out his cock from the warm mouth, Angelus flips William onto his back spread-eagled, which results in Liam’s flaccid member slipping out easily. He places his knees between the boy’s lean legs and positions himself.
In a swift thrust, he pushes into his boy’s hot passage.

The channel is hot and slippery from the cum Liam spent in the opening. The mere idea of putting his cock into some guy’s cum disgusts him completely, but Liam is not just some man. He’s even willing to lick the boy’s hole clean after he shoots into him and tastes the mixture of their cum.

Holding the base of William’s member in a tight grip, the older brunette penetrates him almost furiously. William clings onto his master to keep up with the pace.

Liam sits there on the bed dumbfounded and stares at the sight in front of his eyes. There is an evidence of reawakened arousal in spite of the intense orgasm he has just had.

The blonde wiggles helplessly under Angelus’ body. His length is painfully hard from the constant poundings of two brothers and he sobs hoarsely. Tears are flowing from the big puppy blue eyes. “Please, master. I love you. I love you. I love you. Please, I can’t…”

Angelus adores the way the boy cries so beautifully and he is eager to make him cry harder. However, he takes pity on him and lets go of his hold on the boy’s member. “Come, William, my boy. Come for me.”

Instantly the blonde shoots his seeds into the air with a groan, splashing both his and his master’s bodies. He sees the starts behind his eyes and everything seems to fade away into the darkness.

Simultaneously Angelus comes marking his boy with a final furious thrust. After a moment, seeing the boy’s state, he leans down and places a soft kiss on each of the boy’s closed eyelids. He takes himself out in a slow motion and moves next to the blonde. He lays the boy in a comfortable position and covers the body with bed sheets.

William tries to open his eyes to see his master but his eyelids are too heavy for him to lift up.

Angelus caresses the boy’s flushed cheeks with finger tips and kisses his forehead. He whispers, “Sleep now, William.”

The boy just lets his mind drift into the darkness.

Angelus turns his head to his brother and a smirk creeps up on his dark feature. “Now, it’s time for us… you and me… to have fun.” With that, he crawls to Liam gracefully and pushes him back onto the bed. He climbs over him, placing one of his knees between the man’s long legs. He captures his lips in a hard kiss and starts exploring the body he has missed for all these years.

Liam eagerly kisses his brother back, running his hands up and down the back of the muscular torso. He has an intake of breath as his nipple is pinched teasingly and hardens in response. He thrusts his hips upward and their length meet in a brief friction.

The older brother curses, ripping his lips away from those of Liam’s, and growls. His member is hardening again at the friction. The side of his mouth curves up into a small smirk and he runs his tongue along his upper lip. He kisses down Liam’s hard, hot body, enjoying the reaction from the younger brother.

Liam sucks a deep breath in when Angelus takes his nipple in his mouth and rolls it with his tongue tip. The younger man moans as his brother dips his wet tongue into his navel, imitating what he is intending to do with the other part of Liam’s body. He groans loudly when the older brother runs his tongue along his length and engulfs him.

“Angelus, damn, don’t stop that,” Liam says, closing his eyes in pleasure. But soon he receives a slap on his hip and opens his eyes to see the other man. Angelus commands with his eyes.

It is clear that Angelus is always in control even if he is sucking other man off. Angelus is always the dominant one and no one has anything to complain. They are grateful enough to have Angelus look twice at them. Liam is no exception. He is surged by the new arousal which is caused by the fact that he is being dominated by his brother.

While working on the hard member with his mouth, Angelus fondles the balls with his hand. The other hand reaches to the rear and runs along the crack. When his finger brushes over the tight untouched opening, he can feel his brother shudder. After massaging around the opening for a moment, he pushes in the tip slowly but the muscle is too tight to let his finger in.

Liam’s eyes are filled with nervousness and fear. He has bargained for this and he has surely wanted this. But to be honest, he is scared as hell.

Angelus has no intension of hurting his brother… at least not on the first time. Seeing the younger brother’s expression, he lets go of the cock from his mouth and takes his hands away. He moves up Liam’s body to the eye-to-eye level and places a soft kiss on the sweet lips. “Turn around and be on your hands and knees. It’s easier that way, Liam. No hurting. Just trust me.”

Liam mentally debates with himself but is there any other choice than trust Angelus? He nods and flips over on to his stomach. He raises his body up on his hands and knees. He has to breathe deeply to steady himself. Then, he feels his butt cheeks spread wide and something wet around his pucker.

Angelus runs his tongue over the opening and it causes Liam to gasp. After a couple of licks, he rolls his tongue and pushes into the hole. With loud wet sounds, he tries to soften the tight muscles around his tongue.

“God,” curses the younger brother. He bits his lower lip to suppress moaning loudly. Now his brother’s tongue is probing him and of course the feeling is strange but also very arousing. His muscles start to relax slightly and the penetration turns deeper. He can no longer suppress moaning and a loud hoarse moan leaves between his lips.

However, Angelus’ own need grows bigger and he takes his tongue out from the brunette’s body. He picks up the lube form the night table and opens the lid, squeezing the lube out onto his fingers. He slips two fingers into the hole which was previously occupied with his tongue, and slicks the passage.

He massages the walls and scissors his fingers. When he finds Liam slick and relaxed enough, he takes his fingers out. He coats his hard length with the lube and positions himself at the virgin entrance. A small smirk appears on his face. He finally has Liam in his bed, waiting for his cock to slam into him.

Liam can feel his hole widened by his brother’s thick member. He hisses loudly as Angelus tries to move forward. It is as if his brother were trying to rip him open to bleed. Even with Angelus’ careful preparation, Liam’s muscles try to prevent the unfamiliar object from entering. Liam grinds his teeth together in sear pain. His breathing gets quicker and shorter. He grips the bed sheets underneath so tightly that his knuckles are now white.

Seeing the agent’s posture, Angelus places a soft kiss on the shoulder blade and murmurs, “Relax, Liam, or you’re gonna hurt yourself. Relax, and I’ll make it good.”

Liam wants to spat out and tell him to fuck off because there is no way he can relax in this situation. Angelus is about to tear him open and he tells him to relax. However, there is something that comforts him in his brother’s soothing murmur. So he does his best to relax his muscles by taking deep breaths.

As soon as Angelus feels the muscles around him relax slightly, he pushes himself in completely with a hard thrust, which causes Liam to groan in pain.

“Fuck you!” Liam says, panting hard, while trying to ignore the throbbing pain inside him.
With a chuckle, Angelus replies, “I thought I’m the one who’s doing the fucking.” He closes his eyes for a moment to absorb himself into the feeling which surrounds him. “You’re fucking tight. I’ve wanted to do this since forever, you know. You, underneath me, at my mercy. You’re mine to do however I please.”

A shiver runs down his spine and he gasps audibly. His body tenses at once. Suddenly the whole idea of coming here tonight seems to be a complete wrong idea. Being at Angelus’ mercy is, at the same time, everyone’s desire and nightmare.

Angelus can clearly see what is going through the other man’s mind. In a sweet tone, he whispers, “Liam, don’t fight back. You have to give in. Let it take over you and I’ll take you to the heaven.”

Angelus is a pure king in nature. He has a special effect on everyone, which makes them feel secure and protected. It makes them believe that everything will be fine if you just let him lead you.

Liam closes his eyes tightly and mentally counts to five. His eyes shoot open and he growls low, “Just do it.”

“We’re getting there. I’ve never broken any promises to you, have I?” he says amusedly and takes himself out almost completely out but soon slams into the younger brunette. He repeats the action until he sees the small change appears on Liam’s expression.

At first, getting used to the unfamiliar feeling of something moving in and out of him is all Liam can do. The pain gradually fades away and it is replaced with something different and strange, which he cannot find a word to describe. All of a sudden, a fire runs through his entire body and his legs almost give away. “Oh, god.”

Hitting the same spot again, Angelus answers, “It’s your prostate. You saw the pleasure on William’s face when you hit his, didn’t you? You’ll be begging like him in no time, my boy, Liam. My beautiful boy.”

The younger brunette growls angrily because that is all he can do now in the situation which he is being rammed forcefully from behind. However, the growl is soon replaced with sensual moans as Angelus’ arm stretches and takes a hold on the now weeping member with his hand. The moaning increases as the hand moves up and down his hardness timing to the rough ramming.

“Yes, my boy, love the sound you make. I’m fucking you from behind and stroking your cock, making you mine.” Angelus says, thrusting even harder than before and not missing the special spot inside the other man.

The fire is building inside Liam and he knows that the finish is close now. But the stroking on his member turns into a tight grip and he is denied his release. He groans in angst.

“Not yet, Liam. I wanna hear it from you,” Angelus demands darkly, aiming at the spot forcibly, which blows his brother’s mind. “Whose are you, boy?”

The little dignity remained in himself prevents Liam from replying at once. But the said dignity is soon surrendered because in his heart, he knows that he is completely at his brother’s mercy, not only his body but also his soul. So, he confesses with a dark burning in his eyes, “Yours. I’m yours.”

A huge smirk of satisfaction covers Angelus’ perfect face. “Yes, you’re mine. You’ve always been and you’ll always be!”

As he lets go of the tight hold on Liam’s member and starts pumping again, he leans his upper body closer and bites the sweaty hot neck of the brunette hard enough to leave a teeth mark. At the same time, he directly hits the sweet nub inside the other man harder than ever.

Liam is overwhelmed by the sensation and cums into his brother’s hand crying out loud. He nearly collapses onto the bed. What prevents him from falling is the strong arms of Angelus. He is panting uncontrollably from the intense release.

Angelus continues ramming into the man powerfully. After several deep thrusts, he can feel his balls tighten and shoots his cum into deep inside Liam’s clenching bowl, groaning firmly, “Mine.”

Liam falls down and his body meets the bed with his face down as Angelus’ supporting hold leaves him. His muscular body is flushing red in heat and his disarrayed hair is sticky with sweat. His body is turned over and his half-sleepy eyes meet the still dark eyes of his brother. His wrists are grabbed in one of Angelus’ big hands.

Suddenly, there is a metal sound above him and he finds himself handcuffed to the bed post. He sees the smile of devil.

“I’m far from done with you, Liam. You haven’t even caught a glimpse of the heaven I can give you, baby. It hasn’t even begun.”

Liam tries to utter a sound but nothing comes out of his mouth because he is choked up with anxiety.

A muffled sound comes from the other side of the bed, where the blond boy is sleeping. His eyes shoot open and blue ocean orbs search for the familiar dark eyes of his master. He smiles widely when he sees Angelus’ confident predatory feature.

“Ah, William, my beautiful boy, just on time. Go get the toys and join us. I’m sure your daddy here will love your toys.”


In the early morning next day, Angelus sips coffee from his cup, standing by the from-ceiling-to-floor window and staring down at the city. He can never get tired of the strong sweet smell of the coffee blended specially for him.

The phone’s ringing sound breaks the silence. Angelus picks up his cell phone and flips it open and answers, “Angelus O’Connor.”

“It’s me, sir. I took care of the case as you instructed. He took it quite well. There will be no FBI investigation after us,” a voice said from the other end of the line.

“Good. Just make sure Giles won’t do anything stupid and he sticks to his end of the deal,” he says in a commanding voice. He strides down the hallway toward the bedroom.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry to impose, but he didn’t do anything particular. He just announced Agent O’Connor is on a confidential undercover case and we practically gave him a lifelong contract as a counsel.”

“Lindsey, you know me. I don’t make any stupid bargains. I got everything I wanted out of this deal.”

He gives a glance through the half-closed door of the bedroom and sees two tangled exhausted bodies sleeping in the bed. One of them is still cuffed to the bed post. The other is curled on his side, resting his head on the broad chest of the bigger man.

“Yes, sir, of course. I’m sorry for asking a meaningless question. Is there any other cases would you like me to work on?”

“Yes, actually there is. I’ll be coming down to my office in five minutes. So, be there,” after saying so, Angelus hangs up the phone and puts his cell phone back into his suit pocket.

He studies the two men closely. Red marks and spent cum are all over their bodies from the late night activities, which continued for hours. He can easily recall the sweet begging of his brother. A small smirk creeps on Angelus’ feature.

He has finally gotten what he has wanted, what he has craved as far as he remembers. His brother might need to learn some discipline but he will learn soon. Considering the previous night, it won’t be too long before he breaks completely and Angelus is the only one who can pick up the pieces.

They will have so much fun from now on. Him, his sweet brother and his beautiful boy. He has no intention of letting them go out of his hands, ever again. They’re his and his only.



krebsbach at 2007-03-28 15:03 (UTC) (blessings)

Wiping drool from my chin

Love this story. I usually lean toward the Angel/Lindsey arena. But this was HOT!!!!!
mana0819 at 2007-03-29 03:25 (UTC) (blessings)

Re: Wiping drool from my chin

thank you! this fic idea just came into my mind and i had to write it! i wasn't so sure at first coz this was the first time i wrote angelus/liam or whole threesome scenes. but i'm so glad you liked it! thanks for reading and reviewing!
(Deleted comment)
mana0819 at 2007-04-03 15:57 (UTC) (blessings)
thanks for the fb! i'm happy to hear from you! sorry for not being able to write back sonner, just my real life got busy. i'm glad you liked the fic! there's a new fic which i've started to write. hope to update it soon.
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