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FIC: One Purpose chap 2 (AU Angel/Spike)

Posted on 2007.04.09 at 22:48
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Title:One Purpose
Rating:NC-17, eventually
Summary:AU Spike left for London when his young heart was broken by a twist of fate. Years have passed and things have changed. Now he comes back to reclaim what he left behind.
Disclaimer:I don't own anything from AtS or BtVS.
Feedback:I'd really appreciate it.

Previous chapters are here

A strange sensation wakes Angel up from a restless sleep. He has been dreaming, something unpleasant but he cannot remember what it is about. Just the sensation in his heart and the beads of sweat running down his forehead indicate that it was not a merry joyous dream. This is not the first night he is awoken by a distressing nightmare.

Too many things are going on around him recently. He is always tensed and stressed up. Or, maybe he likes it that way. He needs to be minding something all the time so that he does not need to consider the things which make him even more depressed.

He breathes in the stuffy air and it causes him to make a small frown. It is one of the significant disadvantages of living in a basement, surrounded by concrete walls. There are also certainly some advantages. It is easy to disconnect himself from the outside world. This place seems to hold most people off. He rather wants to spend his time working or reading in his small but cozy apartment these days.

His employees keep telling him that it is this apartment that is causing his mood to darken. In his opinion, they are probably correct. If he had a light, even the smallest of all, in this darkness, he would have something to hold onto. Then, he might be able to find the meaning again in his life.

Groaning, he discards the tangled bed sheet away from his sweaty body and crawls out of the bed. As he sits on the side of the bed, he feels a dull ache in his right knee. He rubs his hurting knee to lift the pain. It seems that this familiar ache is getting worse and more often lately. He guesses it is because of his unhealthy lifestyle, not that he cares or has any intention of changing it.

He glances at the wooden black bed table. A half empty bottle of whisky and an unused glass are placed on it. Behind the big bottle, there stands a photo frame, almost as if it is hidden. The object of the photo cannot be seen as the thick glass of the bottle hides it completely out of sight. There is also a silver digital clock. It reads 11:15.

“Damn it,” he curses and hurries to the shower to wash away the stickiness on his skin and his hair.

“Hey, Angel. How are you feeling this morning?” Cordelia asks, looking up from the computer she has been using, when she hears the sound of the old elevator opening. As she has guessed, she sees her boss there, obviously not in a good mood.

“Cordelia. You’re here. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Angel replies with a question, surprised to see one of his employees in the office.

“You’re grumpy. Did you wake up on the other side of the bed?” She gets up on her feet and walks to the counter to retrieve a cup of coffee for her boss. She hands him the cup and sits back on her seat.

“Ah, thanks,” the strong comforting scent hits his nostrils and he inhales deeply, closing his eyes. The chocolate-flavored, strong and black. His secretary knows his preference. He walks to his desk and sits back in his chair. Studying the face of the girl, he takes a small hot sip.

Sensing the gaze, she asks with a light annoyance on her face, “What?”

“I asked, why didn’t you wake me up? It’s already before noon. You could have knocked or shouted,” he demands the answer again. He shakes his head. There are piles of files he needs to look over. Those files belong to some new clients as well as old ones. He does not even have a minute to waste.

“You needed some sleep. You haven’t had a decent sleep for how long? You looked like a walking zombie or something, with the dark circles under your eyes,” she claims sternly, making small gestures with her hands.

“I can’t just sleep through the day. I have a work to do,” Angel scowls at his employee. He hired the girl when he first opened the agency. They have been working together for a couple of years now. She is a good worker most of the times and he was saved by her more than he can count. However, sometimes she can be really hard to deal with when she wants to be.

“No, you don’t. We can manage without you for a day or two.”

“Yes, probably. But we have some cases at hand, which we haven’t made any progress on,” Angel sits back in his seat, tilting his head back to stare at the roof as if it solved any of his problems.

“You mean the case of Tommy, right?”

Angel’s expression darkens a few degrees. He takes the top file from the pile and opens it. A small blond boy with a happy innocent smile on his face looks back at him in the eyes. It is probably a photo from his birthday party. The boy is wearing a paper hat and there is a big birthday cake in front of him. Angel feels a sting in his heart. He and his team have been working on the case for 5 days but they have not gotten any useful information yet.

“That’s why you didn’t come back to the office even after midnight, right? Did you find anything?” Cordelia asks taking steps to Angel’s desk, with her favorite mug in her hand.

“No. All I know is that he’s been missing since the day after his sixth birthday. It’s been almost 10 days!” Angel raises his voice. It is just unbelievable that some people are capable of doing something so cruel. Tommy is a mere child! Working as a private investigator, he has seen hateful nature of human countless times. He is losing his faith. There may be nothing worth fighting for in this world. In the end, everything is taken away from him.

“This must be really hard on Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” Cordelia studies her boss’ face. She sees clear anger and sadness in his dark eyes.

“No parents should be taken their child away like that,” Angel comments, making a big frown on his face. He takes out the other photo from the file. It is a photo of the family. The parents are in their mid-thirties and both of them have a warm smile. The boy, Tommy, stands in front of his parents, petting a beautiful golden retriever. They are standing in the front yard of a typical nice suburban house. They seem very happy and proud.

Angel heaves a deep sigh and runs his hand through his hair, still damp from the morning shower. He puts the photos back into the file and closes it. He cannot bear to look at them any longer. The photos of the once perfect loving family bring him too many memories, sadness and loneliness.

Seeing Angel’s expression, Cordelia places a hand on his fist and squeezes it lightly. “I know this case hits you hard, but you can’t catch the bad guy if you are exhausted and tensed up all the time. You have to treat yourself better.”

“Cordelia, I’m fine,” Angel spats out, with a clear edge in his voice. He extracts his hand from under her caring touch and crosses his arms in front of his chest. A big grimace appears on his face, which is not unfamiliar lately.

Cordelia throws her hands up in the air and shakes her head, which causes her long brunette hair to sway disarrayed. “Okay, I know you’re moping and brooding. But you know what? Get over it!” She cries out, placing her hands on her narrow hips.

“I don’t brood!” Angel replies offended. However, he shrugs and taps his shoe on the floor in uneasiness. Seeing his employee’s stern eyes and admits, “Maybe I brood a little.”

Noticing the remaining sternness in the girl’s eyes, he surrenders and corrects, “Okay. I brood a lot. That’s all I’m doing these couple of months… but how could she even pull this shit to me?” He casts his eyes away in order to prevent Cordelia from noticing the expression on his face.

“Angel,” Cordelia says softly, not knowing what to say. Angel is a respectable man and probably the nicest man she has encountered in this big city. Angel is a type of man who believes in righteousness and faith. She cannot help but wonder what he has done to deserve the misery which he is currently in. He deserves much more than this fate offers him.

“How could she take my son away from me?” Angel tightens his fists in anger. His voice is raised. A hint of tear twinkles in his eyes. He can feel his eyes getting hot. In a sad murmur, he utters, “I’m never going to see my son again.”

“Yes, Angel! You’ll see him soon! Who knows? You could win over the custody and live with him,” Cordelia exclaims cheerfully with the intention of lightening his mood up.

“That’s never gonna happen and you know it,” Angel states firmly. Even though he has known it as a fact, it still hurts to say it aloud. He places both of his hands on his desk with a bang and rises on his feet. He grabs the leather jacket from the back of his chair and puts it on. As he walks out of the office, he informs his employee, “I’ll go see Kate and see if they got anything.”

Cordelia gazes at the man’s back and sighs. His back seems so small with a heavy burden on his shoulders. If it is not for peace in his tense heart, he will break down. From Angel’s posture, it will not be long before it happens.

That night, Angel comes back to the office, only to find it empty. Since it is well-passed working hour, there is no surprise. He is exhausted, driving around the town, following the information on the missing boy, one after another. Most of the information turned out to be false or irrelevant to the case. In a short term, he did not get a lead to the Tommy’s case again tonight.

He does not even bother to flick the main light of the agency on as he strides to his office. His legs are sore and his knee is throbbing painfully. He half-collapses into his desk chair out of exhaustion and in pain.

In search of something to erase the pain, he opens the bottom drawer of the desk and grabs a bottle of nearly empty cheap whiskey and a glass out. The pouring of the drink makes a quiet noise, which echoes in the office of the dark night. Now the familiar scent of the light brown liquid gives him a strange feeling of relief. He takes a big gulp from the glass.

The pain is not unbearable most of the times, just dull ache. Only once in a while, his knee hurts as if someone is trying to take the kneecap away. When it happens, he just drinks until he is numb to the pain.

After discovering that alcohol is a more efficient solution to the pain, he quit taking the painkillers which his surgeon gave him. Recently, he does not even bother to see the surgeon for checkups. All they do is to give him some painkillers, which does not seem to do any good in his system. So what is the point of bothering at all?

He tries to forget about the pain by shutting his eyes and picturing that he is somewhere nice, probably the beautiful beach down the coast where he has once been. The warm shining sun in the blue sky. The silky sand under his feet. The sound of waves and the laughter of children come to his ears. A soft tug on his hand makes him look back. There stands a small boy with short brunette hair and dark chocolate eyes, with lots of wonder in them.

Angel’s jaw tightens hard immediately and his eyes shoot open. Wiping a drop of sweat away from his forehead, he takes another gulp from the glass.

He flicks on the small lamp on his desk to find a small pile of files there. There is a piece of paper on top of the file. He picks it up and finds that it is a note from Doyle in his scrappy writing, which Angel has just lately learned to read. It says, “Everythin’ under control here. Get some drink and rest, will ya? PS: a new client tomorrow at one. Be there.”

Doyle was the first friend whom he made after leaving Sunnydale and coming to this city. They attended the same college in the center of the city and shared the dormitory room for the freshman year. Angel sighs. Life was so much simpler in those days.

Thinking that reading some case files will keep his mind occupied, he decides to do some catch-ups on the cases which his employees are mainly in charge of. He picks the first file from the pile and flips it open.

Several thought-provoking files and a couple of glasses of whiskey later, he decides that it is about time that he retired to bed, probably after a long shower to wash away today’s exhaustion.

That is when he hears a soft knock from the agency’s front door. He makes a frown in wonder and checks the clock on the desk. It is already passed 1 a.m. Walking up to the door to answer, he wonders who this late night visitor would be. It is too late for any clients to drop in. If it were any of his employees, they would use a spare key.

He unlocks the key and opens the door. There stands a slender blond young man, leaning
against the outer wall, with a cigarette in his mouth.

Angel narrows his eyes and studies the stranger’s posture in curiosity. Medium height. Slicked-back peroxide blond hair. A long leather duster. A small black t-shirt that reveals the lean waist. A pair of tight black jeans that hangs low. A pair of worn-out boots. A huge snigger is stuck on his face. None of these features are familiar to Angel.

“Sorry but we’re closed. Come back tomorrow,” Angel, avoiding getting involved in any trouble with this punk boy, tries to close the door. But a soft calm voice stops him.

“Not a client, pet. I just got here after a bloody long flight. Don’t you think it’s a bit rude, Angel?” The blond man asks with a thick English accent. He discards the cigarette in the street and treads on it with the heel of his heavy boot.

Hearing his name passing through between the blonde’s lips, he pauses for a moment. He stands with his arms crossed, squinting his eyes to examine him better. He gazes at the other man’s face closely to see if he catches any feeling of familiarity there.

Blue eyes which are circled with a hint of black eyeliner. A small scar on the left eyebrow. High cheekbones.

Looking into those clear blue eyes gives Angel a feeling of déjà vu. He has seen those eyes staring back at him before. Even the vast ocean or the clear sky would hide itself in shame, compared with those crystal azure orbs.

A sudden realization hits Angel and his eyes widen in surprise. Still some doubt remains in him and he asks in a soft whisper, “Will?”

A big child-like grin covers the blond man’s face and he says, “Yeah, Angel. Took you long enough to figure that out. Thought you forgot about a git like me.”

“How could I?” as soon as the words leave Angel’s mouth, he takes one of Spike’s hands in his hand and tugs him into a manly hug, with a smile on his face. He pats the younger man’s back warmly and utters, “God, it’s been so long. I’ve missed you, Will.”

Spike shuts his eyes tightly and lets Angel hold him in an embrace. The scent of Angel comforts him as it always did in the past. In these years away, the scent in his memory faded away and he could no longer recall it. However, as soon as the scent with a hint of whiskey hits him, it comes back to him very vividly.

There is no place he would rather be in. He has dreamed of being held in those strong arms again countless times ever since he left the town. Angel’s arms and chest are more muscular and hard than he remembers. But the warmth is still the same. He whispers faintly, “Yeah, me too, Angel. Me too.”


What did you think? More or not?


krissi412 at 2007-04-09 16:41 (UTC) (blessings)
more, more, more, please more. I like it.
mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:49 (UTC) (blessings)
thanks! i'm now working' on the next chap. glad you liked it :)
shanmara at 2007-04-09 16:54 (UTC) (blessings)
I was so sure I left a comment on the first chapter and I saw I didn't --really sorry, because I meant to tell you: more :)
It's really a lovely start!
mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:50 (UTC) (blessings)
thank you! i'm happy you liked the beginning of the story. hope you liked the rest of the story too!
ra_hatper at 2007-04-09 17:46 (UTC) (blessings)
More!More!More!More! Cant wait for more!
mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:51 (UTC) (blessings)
*grins* thanks! now working on the next chap. don't wanna keep you waiting long!
floweredonion at 2007-04-09 19:28 (UTC) (blessings)

One Purpose Chap. 2

I loved it. More please. I can't wait to hear about their histories. I am really intrigued to see if Angel is aware of Spike's feelings for him. Yay!
mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:53 (UTC) (blessings)

Re: One Purpose Chap. 2

thanks! you have to wait and see *evil grins* what do you think? Angel is... well Angel. can't say more. don't wanna spoil the story! but anyway, glad you liked it!!
A. G.
alex_go at 2007-04-10 02:10 (UTC) (blessings)
definitely more Triplet! :D

mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:54 (UTC) (blessings)
yes! writing more, triplet! glad to hear from you! miss ya *hugs*
(Anonymous) at 2007-04-10 15:44 (UTC) (blessings)
Yes Please!!!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!
mana0819 at 2007-04-11 01:55 (UTC) (blessings)
thanks! more is coming soon! glad you liked it!
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