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FIC: One Purpose chap 4 (AU Angel/Spike)

Posted on 2007.05.13 at 01:00
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Title:One Purpose
Rating:NC-17, eventually
Summary:AU Spike left for London when his young heart was broken by a twist of fate. Years have passed and things have changed. Now he comes back to reclaim what he left behind.
Disclaimer:I don't own anything from AtS or BtVS.
Feedback:I'd really appreciate it.

Previous chapters are here

The next morning, still early and dim outside, Angel walks into the living room area after taking a short morning shower to fully awake himself. Burning hot water felt soothing on his skin. Steamy air brought his mind to ease. He is only in a pair of worn sweat pants, with a fluffy white bath towel hanging over his shoulders.

On the way to the small kitchen counter, his eyes are caught by the sleeping figure on the sofa. Blond curls are messed up around his face, which looks softer and younger without the makeup. His red full lips are pouting. With those features, the young blonde has more resemblance to William he knows.

With a small smile on his face, he strides closer to the sofa and tucks him under the nearly fallen comforter. Spike turns on his side, deftly not falling off from the small sofa, and mumbles something undistinguishable under his breath.

There were many times when Angel had done that to the small blonde before. He used to babysit William for a night with Darla when Mr. and Mrs. Giles were out of town or when they just needed some time for themselves alone. Angel never minded spending time at their house, watching over the boy. William seldom caused any trouble to him, an obedient good boy, rather excessively.

They would watch a movie in the living room after a light supper of spaghetti and the youngest would fall asleep, clasping his favorite teddy dearly. Then, Angel would drape a blanket over the slim body before he and Darla would sneak to her bedroom and make the most of the unsupervised house.

What do you expect from hormonal teenagers anyway? Mr. and Mrs. Giles had a lot of trust, which turned out to be ill-trust, in their daughter and her boyfriend.

Darla was a typical high school cheerleader in a small southern Californian city, petit, blond and suntanned. Angel adored her long straight blond hair as she lay beneath him. He had first seen her at the practice of the cheerleading team.

She was prettier than most of the other girls in the squad but not the prettiest. Her cheerfulness and a hint of shyness as she danced attracted his attention and the same day, he asked her for the first date, which she delightedly agreed. In a matter of days, they became an official couple at school.

However, as they spent more time together, he found her grew demanding and selfish. It was not a big surprise because she had become one of the most popular girls in Sunnydale by that time.

Angel was a star quarterback of the school and he had a reputation to maintain. There was also the fact that he cared about her a lot, even though she never deserved his affection. The thought of breaking up with her never occurred to him until everything changed in the autumn of their senior year.

Angel walks to the kitchen counter to make some coffee for himself and William.


Spike wakes up from a fair sleep. The room is dark because of the fact it is located in the basement. No morning sunshine to wake his mind up, which is not unfamiliar since he has lived in London for the last five years. He is already used to the overcastted weather and dim lights.

At first, he needs some time to fully understand his surroundings. It is not his university dormitory room and it seems that he has slept in a small couch. Sitting up, he can study the room better. Soon enough, he remembers the event of the night before and finds himself in Angel’s apartment.

Somehow, this dark place seems to be closing down on him.

Angel’s apartment… That thought provokes something in his mind. When he left for London 5 years ago, he never thought he would ever set a foot in Angel’s place. How could he intrude upon a happy family’s home? He could not even bear the mere thought of it. That would only make himself miserable.

However, from what he heard later, the couple was never as happy as everyone around them believed them to be, even before their marriage. In Spike’s mind, it is obvious who was to blame for on the dysfunction.

He walks to the kitchen counter, on which the coffee maker is set and it emits strong smell into the whole room. Taking a mug from the shelf above, he pours some into it. Still holding the mug in his hand, he walks to the bathroom, which is adjoining on the other end of the living room.

Inside the simple bathroom, Spike finds a fluffy white bath towel and a washcloth on the side of the washstand. On top of it, there lays a new toothbrush. It can be easily guessed that Angel placed them there for Spike. A sad smile covers his face at the older man’s thoughtfulness and kindness.

Angel has always been such a nancy bloke, who keeps playing with his heart, deliberately or not.


“Angel, we can’t do this anymore!” Cordelia shouts loudly from her desk, throwing her hands up into the air.

Angel comes out of his office hurriedly at his employee’s exclamation, followed by two of his employees who have been in the small meeting with him. The former asks worriedly, “What? We can’t do what anymore?”

“This. The agency!” she answers in a rather overreacting motion.

“What’s wrong with the agency?” Angel questions, not understating what Cordelia is trying to get at. The three men walk to her desk and Angel leans against it to face her, while Wesley stands just besides him and Doyle stands behind his girlfriend, putting his hands on her shoulder to ease the tension.

Crossing arms in front of her chest, she says, “Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed those files. We’ve got too many cases and can’t get our hands to them.”

True to her words, the filing cabinets are overflowed with loads of files and folders. There are a couple of boxes next to the cabinets, which are also filled with case files. Her desk is also covered with files and case-related materials. Not much of a surface can be seen.

“At least the business is going well,” Angel says, in an unsure voice with a coy smile, trying to avoid an angry reply from the employee. He picks up some files from her table and sees the name tags. They seem familiar but none of them seem to remind him of any specific details on each case.

“Seriously, we need a new employee or maybe a whole bunch of them,” she says.

“Guess so,” Angel says, looking around the untidy office.

Currently, including himself, six people are working for the agency, but as a result of Fred visiting her family and Gunn taking some time off concerning his side business, they are certainly short of hands. They do not even have a chance to straighten up the office.

However, he is reluctant to hire a new employee at the moment. He does not wish to be bothered with strangers, especially now when his personal life is in the middle of complication. “I’ll think about it.”

“We need someone, like right now!” Cordelia says in irritation, with upset-looking Doyle who is trying to calm her nerves behind her.

Heaving a loud sigh, knowing there is no alternate choice, he suggests, “Wesley, will you look for a temp.?”

“Ah, yes, certainly,” Wesley, a man in a nice gray sweater and a pair of black pants, replies politely, eyeing at his employer.

“Or better yet, I can help,” a voice is heard from where the elevator is. The four workers turn their head to the direction of the voice. It is no surprise for Angel to find William standing there. The feature of a mere youth in this morning is covered with a good amount of makeup as if he is afraid of revealing his nature.

The three employees narrow their eyes, wondering who this young blond punk coming out of their boss’s apartment might be. Angel, they know, should not have any acquaintances like him. The blonde is not the type the former football player would hang out with and also he seems to be much young to be a friend of the brunette.

Seeing the others’ expression of wonder, Angel introduces his long-lost brother-in-law to his employees, “Guys, this is William, William Giles. Will, these are my workers, Doyle, Cordelia and Wesley.”

“I go by Spike now,” the young blonde adds, not too boldly but firmly. It is a simple fact, which he has to make sure that everyone puts it in his mind. Spike and William are completely different persons. He does not let anyone, with an exception of one specific person on the earth, addresses him with his given name any more, just because that is not who he is now.

They exchange brief greetings. Even within the calm atmosphere, there is obvious tension between them out of uncertainty, which only Angel fails to sense.

The family name Giles seems oddly familiar to Doyle, even though he has no such friends himself. A couple moments later, the realization hits him suddenly, “Ah! Giles! I knew I’ve heard the name before. You’re the younger brother of Darla in London.”

“The one and only,” Spike replies, with a grin on his face, in an attempt to hide the feeling of anxiety which is building up inside. He should have known better. Why would any of Angel’s friends welcome him here? Darla is the one who put Angel’s life in misery. And, sure he cannot forget the fact that he was the first one who destroyed Angel’s promised feature even though it is doubtful that any of the employees know about the incident.

Cordelia gets up from her seat and stands in front of her employer in the motion of protecting him. Without uttering any comment, she studies the blonde’s expression, in bitterness. It is obvious that she does not trust the newcomer.

Giving a sigh, Angel stands between Spike and Cordelia. She has not been the most tactful creature, especially when the subject of his soon-to-be ex-wife is concerned. “Cordy, don’t even start. He’s nothing like her. He’s staying with me for a while even if you like it or not.”

Then, he turns his head to the blonde, he continues, “And, Will, you don’t have to do it. We’ll find someone for the job.”

“Angel, let me help ya. A bloke gotta earn his keep. I’ve got to have something to do around here too. And you’ll be amazed at what I can do,” Spike answers with a cocky smile and a hint of wink, which might have gone unrecognized by the supposed receiver, fortunately or not. Spike does not miss any small chances to have a reason to stay beside him.

“If you’re really up to it,” Angel accepts the offer reluctantly after a brief consideration, even though there is no reason to oppose. They need to hire someone nevertheless, then why not have Spike help their work here?

Probably, he would have been more acceptable, if his work did not include possible death threats. Most of the cases their investigation agency deals with are harmless. But, once in a while, such as right now, they have to work on cases which might endanger themselves. Angel became a target of attack more times than he can count during the course of investigation.

Knowing the dangerousness of this kind of work by the first experience, Angel is highly determined not to risk any of his employees’ well-being, let alone William's.

“I’m all yours, boss,” Spike replies in a cheerful voice and with a childish grin. He notices the unwelcoming stares from the other employees, but he is obliged to ignore them. There cannot be any kind of trouble with the others, as he has just received the chance he has been longing for.

Seeing the blonde’s expression, Angel can no longer deny his eagerness, as if a father could never deny his child’s hope. With a gentle smile, he says, “Then, come on. I’ll show you how things work here.”

Angel returns to his office, followed by the young blonde.

Everyone else stares them walk off, with a different expression on each faces. Three men are merely concerned with the surprising turnabout of the course. However, Cordelia, being the only one with woman’s instinct, presumes there is something on Spike’s mind. She determines to confront him and find out his intentions when she has a time alone with him.



Thank you for reading!


A. G.
alex_go at 2007-05-12 19:46 (UTC) (blessings)
OMG... can't wait for the next chapter triplet! this is great!!!
of_too_minds at 2007-05-12 21:39 (UTC) (blessings)
Very good. They don't seem too welcoming. Should be interesting to see Spike try to find his place.
noura59 at 2007-05-25 21:22 (UTC) (blessings)
thank u for updating, i really love this fic and most of all i love your spike,he is strong and so smart and great person,it seems that for angel's love he would never back down.please update soon,
Oblivion Seeker
corchfalas at 2008-05-17 16:25 (UTC) (blessings)
is there nothing more?
next part?
i like it!
★ mypetconcubine
mypetconcubine at 2008-06-16 06:26 (UTC) (blessings)
I love your work. could you add me?
mana0819 at 2008-06-18 15:22 (UTC) (blessings)
thanks. but sadly, as u can see, i haven't been updating for a long while... i haven't been able to write at all. i hope i can start writing again sometime. but i'm really glad to hear u liked my fic!
ros_marinus at 2008-12-16 22:37 (UTC) (blessings)
Just found this fic, really enjoyed
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